• How does Just a Quick One’s option transactions work?

     The funds we advance are based on the market value of the vehicle for the option transaction term.


  • How quick can I have the funds available from Just a Quick One?

     Once all the documents are in place as per quotation, the contract's been signed & the tracking unit's

     installed,  the money will be transferred into your account within a matter of hours.


  • What is the minimum and maximum amount I can expect to receive from Just a Quick One?

     We offer loan options from a minimum of R10 000 and a maximum of R 500 000.      


  • How much can I qualify for with Just a Quick One?

     We determine the value of your vehicle based on the current market value and decide on the amount



  • Do I need to be employed?

     No. You don't need to provide us any proof of income.


  • There is money owing on my vehicle, can you help?

     No. The vehicle has to be paid up and belong out right to the person applying for the advance.


  • What if RC1 document indicate that I am the owner but the title is in the name of another person?

     This is not a problem. We need proof of the sale to the owner and copy of the title holder’s ID.


  • Which type of equity does Just a Quick One accept for the transaction?

     We accept motor vehicles, bakkies, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes, motorized sport vehicles, watercraft's,     

     earth-moving equipment and air crafts. All vehicles need to be in a good and drivable condition.


  • What documents do you require?

     Copy of your ID, the original registration papers (RC1 document) and your proof of address (not

     older than three months). The application process doesn’t involve any other paperwork. Once approved

     an option agreement is signed and proof of your bank details need to be provided.


  • How long is the option transaction term?

     The contract term is 30 days however the term is automatically extended as per our option agreement as

     long as you pay the installment (excluding the amount advanced). The final installment should include the

     amount advanced.


  • How is the money paid to me? 

     You get paid via EFT transfer into your provided bank account with immediate clearance.


  • What happens if I cannot afford to pay on the due date?

     The vehicle will be sold and your debt would be considered settled.


  • Can I still drive the vehicle after getting the loan from Just a Quick One? 

     Just a Quick One allows you to still drive the vehicle. This is part of the option agreement.

     A Tracking device is installed in the vehicle.  


  • Are there safe storage facilities, if I don’t need to drive the vehicle?

     Yes, we do provide storage.



TO R 500 000


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